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A good secretary is essential for any Key Club if it is going to function in a proper way. The office of the secretary is one of the most demanding in the Key Club organization.

In the hands of the secretary are all of the records, files, and details that are important for the smooth operation of the Key Club. The best way for a secretary-elect to start is to watch and learn from the present club secretary. He/she will be able to give advice and hints on how to best handle the job. A secretary needs to be prompt, neat, and efficient.



Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for Key Club records. This means that the secretary must be organized in his/her approach, and Key Club records must be kept up to date and in good order. The secretary's Key Club record file should include the following:

     Club bylaws

     Key Club Guidebook

     District constitution and bylaws

     Minutes of all club meetings-regular and board meetings

     Committee reports

     List of committee chairs and members

     Clubs past achievement reports

     Clubs past monthly reports

     Club roster having the following information for each member:

          Members full name, home address, and e-mail address

          Telephone number

          Date of birth

          Date of joining Key Club

          Committee assignments and offices held in Key Club

          Chief interest in Key Club work

          Chief interest in sports and hobbies

     Names and addresses of present Key Club officers

     Copies of current and past KEYNOTER magazines and district publications

     Complete set of printed material and Key Club literature


The items listed above are those normally found in up-to-date Key Club files. These are important. Take a look through the files you have, and if any of these items are missing, please write or phone the appropriate source for copies.



Club Secretarys Checklist

Weekly Duties

     Attend all meetings and compose the official minutes.

     Answer all correspondence promptly, and inform officers and advisors of the communication.

Monthly Duties

         Prepare board of directors meeting agenda with president.

         Attend the board meeting and take the minutes.

         Collect the monthly committee reports.

         Submit monthly report to the district.

         Send newsworthy articles to the district publication and KEYNOTER magazine.

Annual Duties

         Receive all materials from the past club secretary.

         Inventory all Key Club property.

         Make a Key Club file with reports, bulletins, and manuals.

         Produce a club membership directory.

         Help choose the convention delegates, candidates, and contestants, and take care of all materials and monies (if applicable) relating to them.

         Work with the president in completing the Annual Achievement and Single Service Reports for your Key Club.

         Notify the district and International offices of your new club officers for the next year.

         Assist the secretary-elect and pass on all Key Club materials to him/her after your term of office.



The Secretarys Role During Meetings

         During club and board meetings, the secretary should be prepared to document all club and board meeting activity by maintaining an attendance log and transcribing minutes.   The writing of minutes is described below.

         A form to document meeting and project attendance should be created. Record each time a member attends a club meeting or project.   When a member participates in a service project, document on a service hour report the number of hours he/she participated.

         The secretary also is responsible for assisting the club president in developing meeting agendas.   The secretary, with the president, should identify topics that need to be addressed during each meeting.

         The secretary should be prepared to present a secretarys report during board meetings, as well as present the monthly report for approval by the board.   The club secretary is a voting board member and should vote on all issues presented by the board of directors.


The secretary should record the following about each regular Key Club meeting:

  • Number of members present
  • Names of those absent
  • List of guests attending
  • Presiding officer
  • Speaker and subject
  • Dues collected from whom (if applicable)
  • Committee reports-written and oral
  • Announcements
  • Any motions or decisions acted upon by the membership

Keep minutes of all meetings of the board of directors. Help the president prepare an agenda for each of these.

Handle all club correspondence, and especially give prompt attention to communications from the district and Key Club International offices.

Write or phone the Key Club International Office for any bulletins or club supplies needed.

Maintain official club records.

Send district convention registration fees to proper place and send Key Club International convention registration fees to appropriate address.

Collect reports from committee chairs.

Send names, addresses, and phone numbers of newly elected officers to the district administrator.

See to it that news items concerning your club are sent to the editors of the district publication and KEYNOTER magazine.

Assist the secretary-elect in becoming acquainted with his/her duties.

Writing Minutes

Minutes are the journal for the proceedings of a meeting.   Minutes should record the action taken at the meeting, not what was said by the members.   The minutes should never reflect the secretarys opinion on anything said or done.

Contents of the Minutes

The first paragraph of the minutes should contain the following information:

         Type of meeting: club, board, regularly scheduled, specially called

         Date, time, and location of the meeting

         List of those present and those absent

         Identification of the chair (typically the club president or vice-president) and secretary

         Specification of whether the minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read or as corrected

The body of the minutes should contain a separate paragraph for each subject discussed and acted upon.   Specify the exact words of the motion, the maker of the motion, and the action taken on the motion amended, passed, rejected, tabled, or withdrawn.   Describe how the motion was adopted or disposed of and whether the motion was debated or amended before being adopted or rejected.   Also, document secondary motions, such as a recess or setting a fixed time to adjourn the meeting. The last paragraph should state the hour of adjournment.

Rules and Practices for Writing Minutes

         The name of the seconder of a motion should not be entered in the minutes unless ordered by the assembly.

         When a count has been ordered or the vote is by ballot, the number of votes on each side should be entered.   When the voting is by roll call, the names of those voting on each side and those answering, present should be entered.   If members fail to respond to a roll call vote, enough of their names should be recorded as present as to reflect that a quorum was present at the time of the vote.   If the chair voted, no special mention of this fact is made in the minutes.

         The proceedings of a committee of a whole, that is the board of directors, breaks into an open discussion about a topic without making any motions, should not be entered in the minutes, but the fact that the board went into a committee of the whole, as well as the committee report, should be entered.

         When a committee report is of great importance or should be recorded to show the legislative history of a measure, the board can order it to be entered in the minutes, in which case the secretary copies it in full into the minutes.



Monthly Report

ODKCI requires that clubs submit a monthly report detailing the Key Clubs activities during the previous month. These report forms are included on this website under resources. Clubs should refer to their reports to evaluate their progress toward club goals.

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