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Ohio Key Club Secretaries

Criteria for Distinguished Secretary

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If you meet these criteria, speak with your club's advisor and other officers to get the form turned in, so you can be recognized at District Convention!

To be eligible for this award the Secretary must meet 8 of the 10 mandatory criteria and at least 4 of the 6 additional criteria.
1.  Attend an Officer Training Session
2.  Attend the Regional Fall Training Conference
3.  Attend all board meetings of the Club
4.  Submit all Club monthly reports by the 5th of each month
5.  Prepare written minutes of each Club and board meeting
6.  Submit the Annual Club Achievement Report
7.  Submit the Club Officer Information Sheet to the District Secretary
8.  Submit at least one photo and a brief description of a Club activity to the Buckeye Key
9.  Complete 50 hours of service with the Club
10. Letter of recommendation by the Club Faculty Advisor or Kiwanis Advisor
1.  Attend the District Convention during the year of election
2.  Attend all regularly Club meetings
3.  Attend the International Convention while in office
4.  Record the service hours of each club member
5.  Attend at least two meetings of the sponsoring Kiwanis Club
6.  Participate in at least two interclubs

The form for Distinguished Club Secretary must be filled out and turned in to the District by a designated date in February.  Your Club will receive this form and more details in the winter District Mailing.

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