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Ohio Key Club Secretaries


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Here you can find a checklist of what you should be accomplishing each month!

Each month there are a few things that all Club Secretaries should accomplish.  Some months these things will stay the same, but there will be periodic update to add new items that become necessary.  If you ever think of something that you feel should be part of the list, just email me and I will be happy to add it.

                     Summer Checklist

      Fill out a Monthly Report Form by the 5th and send it to you Lt. Governor and the Statistical Secretary.  You can do this online at or by mail.


      Help your club president prepare for meetings by constructing an agenda for each meeting



      Record the minutes for each of your club’s meetings (Send those in with your MRF)!


      Send in your club’s officer information ASAP!



      If you have committees in your club, collect their monthly reports



Feedback, submissions, ideas? Email